Cork & PU Notebook

Cork can be much more of a sustainable material option, since it's harvested from parts of bark on a tree rather than the whole thing!

The combination of PU and cork on this notebook, gives that eco look and feel any note taker will enjoy. 


£2.30-£3.57 + VAT 

Prices based on one colour printing.

 MOQ: 50 units

Cork and PU

72 sheets of cream-coloured, lined paper

Elastic closure

Printing info:

Front lower PU part

Tampo Print (80 x 40 mm)

Up to 2 colours

Tampo Print (50 x 30 mm)

Up to 5 colours


  • Length: 18cm

  • Height: 1.50cm

  • Width: 13 cm

  • Weight: 185.00 g

CM Stamp - Orange.jpg

Payment details: 

To be paid pro-forma on acceptance of final proof. 

Delivery Info: 

5-10 working days after final design proof and payment accepted.

Number in export box: 50 pieces

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