Recycled Paper Coffee Mug

RPET stands for ..get ready for this....'recycled polyethylene terephthalate'. Try saying that over and over! Basically made from recycled plastics, such as plastic water bottles. It feels and looks just like virgin plastic and is highly durable.. very handy! 

Zip up those documents ready to show Sally in the office, with these felt feeling document bags! Maybe even space in there for your sarnies?


£ - £ + VAT 

Prices based on one colour printing.

 MOQ:  100 units

Made from recycled PET bottles

With zipper and reinforced handle

Printing info:

Front of RPET bag: Silkscreen print  (250 x 140 mm) up to 1 colour.


  • Length: 39 cm.

  • Width: 29 cm.

  • Weight: 70.00 g.

CM Stamp - Orange.jpg

Payment details: 

To be paid pro-forma on acceptance of final proof. 

Delivery Info: 

5-10 working days after final design proof and payment accepted.

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