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You know it's good when you have our

stamp of approval!

We're just a small company in Derbyshire with a big heart.

You know when you see our logo, your products have gone through a vigorous try, test and supply chain check to make sure everything has been looked after. 

We have brought to you branded products and packages that focus on being eco-friendly, sustainable and antibacterial.

Great quality, no fuss.

 We are here to be quick and here to listen. 

 We spend the time sourcing products. Your time is important to us. 

We get to know you and your business, before we recommend products.

We prefer to listen. That's why you'll be well looked after throughout your whole ordering experience. Right from the initial stages, to the after care. 

Products we recommend to you have been carefully selected based on:

Our suppliers = they're the best in the industry.

The materials = ethically sourced.

The print = best quality.

In house designers = make sure it looks good.  

Not all of our products are featured on our website - there's thousands!

We just feature a few of our favourites that we know have worked.

We only recommend the products to you that are relevant.   

We like to send PDF's that are specific to you only.

We specialise in Eco-friendly, Bio-degradable and Antibacterial ranges... 

Giving you our stamp of approval!

CM Stamp - Orange.jpg
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We are a British Brand